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Index of various semiconductor manufacturing equipment
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Index of various semiconductor manufacturing equipment As of Jan 31, 2012

Major Categories Sub-Categories Equipment Examples
A Semiconductor Design Equipment Pattern Generator, Plotter, Engineering Workstation, Logic Simulator, Circuit Simulator, Design Equipment, Logic Analyzer, Others
B Mask/Reticle Mfg. Equipment 1 Photolithography Processing Equipment Electron Beam Exposure Equipment, Laser Exposure Equipment, Pattern Generator, Contact Printer, Photo Repeater, Coater, Resist Stripper, Develop / Bake / Descum Equipment
2 Thin Film Deposition, Etching, Cleaner, & Dryer Vacuum Evaporation Equipment, Sputter, CVD, Cleaner, Etcher, Dryer, Scrubber
3 Inspection and Metrology Equipment & Others Mask/Reticle Defect Inspector, Defect Corrector, Mask Particle Inspector, Defect Inspector
C Wafer Manufacturing Equipment 1 Single Crystal Manufacturing Equipment Single Crystal Growing Furnace
2 Wafer Processing Equipment Slicer, Lapping Equipment, Polishing Equipment, Grinding Equipment, Wafer Marking Equipment
3 Inspection and Metrology Equipment & Others Life Measuring Equipment, Crystal Defect Detector, In process measuring Equipment, Other Measuring Equipment
D Wafer Processing Equipment 1 Exposure & Direct Write Equipment Contact Proximity Aligner, Projection Aligner (equal magnification, reduction), Electron Beam Exposure Equipment
2 Photoresist Processing Equipment

Coater, Developer, Resist Stripping Equipment,

Ashing Equipment, Baking Equipment, Resist Stabilizing Equipment, Wafer Peripheral Exposure Equipment

3 Dry Etch Equipment Dry Etch Equipment
4 Surface Conditioning Equipment Wet Etching Equipment, Dry Cleaning Equipment, Wet Cleaning Equipment, Wafer Scrubber, Drying Equipment, High Pressure Jet Cleaner
5 Thermal Process Equipment Oxidation Equipment, Thermal Diffusion Furnace, Annealing Equipment
6 Ion Implantation Equipment High Current Ion Implanter, Medium Current Ion Implanter, High Voltage Ion Implanter, Doping Equipment
7 Thin Film Deposition Equipment
7-1. CVD Equipment Atmospheric Pressure CVD, Subatomospheric CVD, Low Pressure CVD, Plasma Enhanced CVD, MetalCVD, ALD
7-2. Sputtering Equipment Sputtering Equipment
7-3. Other Thin Film Deposition Equipment Vacuum Evaporation Equipment, Silicon Epitaxial Growing Equipment, Compound Semiconductor Epitaxial Equipment(MOCVD,MBE), Plating Equipment, Spin on tool
8 Metrology & Inspection Equipment Defect Inspector, Particle Inspecter, Dust counter , CD SEM , Film Thickness Inspector, Reflectance Measurement, Auger Electron Spectroscope, Infrared Spectro-photometer, Sheet Resistance Measurement, Life Time Measurement, Other Measuring & Analysing
9 CMP Equipment CMP Equipment, CMP Cleaning Equipment
10 Other Wafer Process Equipment Wafer Marking, Mark Reader, Bump Plating , Back Grinder Tape Sticker, Back Grinder , Back Grinder Tape Peeler, Backside Etcher
E Assembly & Packaging Equipment 1 Dicing Equipment Scriber, Dicer, Wafer Mounting Equipment
2 Bonding Equipment ie Bonder, Hybrid Bonder, Wire Bonder, Inner-Lead Bonder, Outer-Lead Bonder, Flip-chip Bonder
3 Packaging Equipment Molding Equipment, Deflasher, Sealing Furnace, Solder Plating Equipment, Solder Ball Mounter, Trim & Forming Equipment, Marker
4 Test, Evaluation & Other Assembly Equipment Package Inspector, Leak Detector, Pull Tester, X-ray Equipment, Lead Inspector, Other Measuring Equipment
F Test / Inspection Equipment 1 Automated Test Equipment
1-1. SOC & Logic Test Equipment Logic Test Equipment, ASIC Verification Equipment
( 1-3 Linear & Mixed Signal Equipment ) Linear Test Equipment, Mixed Signal Test Equipment, Analog Test Equipment, SOC Tester
( 1-4 Other Test Equipment ) prev. Transistor Test Equipment, LED Test Equipment, Image Sensor Test Equipment, Electron Beam Test Equipment, Laser Beam Test
1-2. Memory Test Equipment Memory Test Equipment
2 Prober Equipment Prober
3 Handler Handler
4 Aging Equipment Aging Equipment, Burn-in Equipment, IC Inserting Equipment, IC Removing Equipment
5 Other Test/Inspection Equipment Temperature Testing, Humidity Testing, Shock Testing, Pressure Cooker, Leak Detector, Laser Processing Equipment, Vibration Testing, Various Life Measuring, Waveform Analyzer, Other Measuring Equipment
G Fab Facility & Related Equipment 1 Factory Automation Equipment Intra-Bay Wafer Transportation Equipment, Inter-Bay Wafer Transportation Equipment, Stocker
2 DI Water & Chemicals Control Equipment DI Water Producing, Ultrafiltering, Reverse Osmosis, Sterilizing, Chemicals Suppling, Slurry Suppling, Chemical Purifing, Waste Cntorol
3 Various Gas Control Equipment Gas Producing Equipment, Gas Purifing Equipment, Gas Mixing Equipment, Gas Detecting Equipment, Gas Scrubber
4 Clean Room Facility Clean Bench, Clean Tunnel, Thermal Chamber, Enviromental Chamber, Air Shower, Pass Box
5 Others Manufacturing Related Equipment Controling, Central Monitoring, Jig Cleaner & Dryer, Flow Controlling, Taping, Packaging, Gas Measuring or Analyzing
Note: PV Manufacturing Equipment was excepted from this categories.

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