Investigative Research on Production and Distribution

SEAJ performs analysis based on statistical researches related to orders and sales of domestically-produced semiconductor manufacturing equipment and related equipment, and the orders and sales in the Japanese market, as well as orders and sales of semiconductor manufacturing equipment in the worldwide market, then publishes then results of analysis. SEAJ also surveys and estimates future demand for semiconductor manufacturing equipment and related equipment, and publishes the results at home and abroad.

Investigative Research on Equipment Technological Development

SEAJ aggressively promotes investigations for semiconductor manufacturing equipment, FPD manufacturing equipment and equipment that applied their technology and emerging technology. We conduct survey research on Lithography, Front End Process, Measurement, Test and System Control technologies as a fundamental of equipment technologies, with other organizations.

Promotion of Standardization

SEAJ promotes standardization of semiconductor equipment and related equipment by maintaining close contacts with other related organizations.

Program for Environmental Issues

SEAJ investigates general environmental affair, also provide membership adequate hazardous chemical banned substance information were acquired from domestic and overseas regulatory related with Semiconductor and FPD manufacturing equipment industry. SEAJ obtains useful information to achieve energy reduction, not only its own, but also other related technologies.

Promotion of Standardization for "Safety Training for Semiconductor and FPD equipment"

SEAJ publishes the "Guidelines and Check list for entering and working in clean rooms after a disaster"
SEAJ promotes SEAJ's recommended safety training and create de-facto standard in our industries. SEAJ also enhances technical tradition and improves the technical skill and the quality of work efficiency.

Public Relations and Education

SEAJ holds various educational seminars and lectures and other events for the purpose of improving business operation and technologies concerning the semiconductor manufacturing equipment industry and related industries.
SEAJ makes presentations regarding the results of our research activities, statistical researches, and other publications at trade shows for promoting the Association's activities and improving visibility of semiconductor manufacturing and FPD manufacturing equipment industry.
Association bulletin "SEAJ Journal" and website provide members and non-members with various information as part of public relations.
SEAJ also periodically publishes "Guide to SEAJ" as part of public relations.

The exchange and cooperation with both domestic and international related organizations

SEAJ sends a research team to exhibitions that are held worldwide to study market and technological trends, and to promote international exchange and cooperation with other related organizations.
SEAJ exchanges opinions with universities on building cooperative relationships between industry and universities, and promotes mutual understanding worldwide.

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