Membership Qualification

Membership Qualification

Semiconductor Equipment Association of Japan (SEAJ) is a nationwide organization of semiconductor manufacturing equipment, FPD manufacturing equipment and equipment that applied their technology and related equipment manufacturers. And it consists of regular members and supporting members.
The semiconductor manufacturing, FPD manufacturing equipment manufacturers in Japan are qualified as regular members. And the semiconductor manufacturers, material manufacturers, sales companies and others which would agree with our policy are qualified as supporting members.
If you are a company that has a business office in Japan and conducts business activities in Japan, there is no difference in membership qualification.
Approval from the board of directors is required for membership.

Regular Members

[Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment Manufacturers/ Groups]
Business Dealing with:

  • Semiconductor designing equipment
  • Mask/Reticule manufacturing equipment
  • Water manufacturing equipment
  • Water processing equipment
  • Assembly equipment
  • Testing equipment
  • Other equipment related to semiconductor manufacturing equipment

[FPD Manufacturing Equipment Manufacturers/Groups]
Business Dealing with:

  • FPD designing equipment
  • Mask/Reticule manufacturing equipment
  • Glass substrate manufacturing equipment
  • Pattern lithography processing equipment
  • Color filter manufacturing equipment
  • Testing/Inspection/Evaluation equipment
  • Other equipment related to FPDmanufacturing equipment

Supporting Members

[Companies/Groups related to Manufactures of Semiconductor, FPD or Equipment that applied their technology]

[Other Companies/Groups which would agree and cooperate with our policy] Dealing with:

  • Semiconductors
  • Liquid crystals
  • Environmental equipment
  • Parts, tools and accessories
  • Materials, chemicals and photomasks (including blanks)
  • Circuit designs
  • Sales, etc.. and Others approved by SEAJ.
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